Hook Settings

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Hook Settings

Once you have installed and enabled the Video add-on plugin, you will gain access to the new “Points for viewing Videos (Premium)” hook on your Points > Hooks page in your admin area.


This hook works the same way as the built-in version with the exception that you also have a field for points update notices (more on this further down).

Premium Hook Does Not Appear!

If the built-in version of this hook is enabled when you activate the Video add-on hook, the premium version of this hook might not be accessible. If this is the case for you, make sure you disable the Video add-on, go to your hooks page and remove the built-in hook from your Active Sidebar. Once it has been removed, re-enable the Video add-on and the premium version should become visible.


This can also resolve issues where your shortcode tries to render a Vimeo video via YouTube.

Hook Description

This custom hook allows you to award or deduct points from your users for watching YouTube or Vimeo videos that you embed using the mycred_video shortcode.


This hook supports three different ways you can reward your users for watching a video:


Points are triggered as soon as the user starts watching the video. Points will trigger even if the user selects to pause the video immediately after it has finished loading.


Points are triggered once a user has finished watching the entire video. Since a lot of things can go wrong while watching a full video, a leniency percentage must be set. This leniency value is the maximum percentage a users view of a movie can differ from the actual length they watch.


Awards or deducts points for every x number of seconds watched of the video.

Known Issues

Only videos that are embedded using the mycred_video shortcode will reward points! Furthermore, if you reward users using the Interval method, no badges or ranks will trigger!


In it’s current form, neither the free or the premium version of this hook supports awarding multiple point types at the same time for watching a video!


The amount value, logic and log entry template in this hooks settings are your default settings. You can override these values when you use the mycred_video shortcode. A default value must be set to enable the hook. The hook will not work if you set the default amount to zero.

Supported Instances

Instance ReferenceDescription
watching_videoGive or take points from users for watching videos.

Update Notice

You can select to show an update message under the video for each time a user gains points for watching a video. If you reward users using the “Interval” method, you can use this to show them in real time the amount of points they have earned watching.


To use this feature, make sure the “Update Notice” field in your hooks settings is not empty. Make sure you use the %amount% template tag in the field to show the point amount!