Transfer Types

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Transfer Types

Technically there is only one type of transfers – transfers. But since we can change labels and pre-set amount or even recipient, we can create seemingly different types of transfers. A perfect example of this would be “Donations”.


Lets say you want to start a donation where users donate their points for a cause or something. First, we would need a designated user on our website that will hold all the points that are donated for our cause.


Once we have this user, we set the shortcode to always send transfers to this particular user. Optionally, we can also pre-set how many points a user can transfer in each single instance to this user. Finally if needed, we change the transfer form button label to reflect the donation. Instead of “Send Transfer” we might use “Make Donation”, it’s all up to you.


You can also do this using the mycred_send shortcode which requires you to set a recipient, the point type to transfer (if you have more than one) and the amount to transfer. If the user viewing the shortcode can afford it, they will see the transfer button with whatever label you might have set.