Reward Ticket Purchases

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Reward Ticket Purchases

myCred has built-in support for Events Manager, allowing you to reward your users with points for attending events. However this built-in hook only rewards your users for attending the event, it does not take into account what ticket your user purchased or how many.


As of version 1.1, a new hook is available that allows you to reward your users based on the ticket they purchase. You can select to reward them with one particular amount, no matter how many tickets they buy or reward them per ticket.


As an added option, you can select to reward your users as soon as they pay for the tickets or first when the event starts, to prevent abuse.

Known Issues

This hook requires Events Manager Pro!



First select when you want to payout rewards and make sure you set a log entry template. If you allow users to pay for tickets using points, you can select to reward users even if they pay for a ticket using points.


Supported Instances

Instance Reference



Give or take points from users for ticket purchases. 

Editing Tickets

If you can not see the reward field, click on the “Show Advanced Options” link in the bottom of the Ticket editor.

Once you have enabled this hook, you can go and edit your event tickets and set the amount of points you want to reward either per ticket purchased or in total.


If you do not want to reward a particular ticket, make sure the field is set to zero. If you are using multiple point types, you can select to reward more than one point type for each ticket!