Export Data

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Export myCred Data

myCred can export your users points history into CSV files. As of version 1.7 you can select to enable exports just for administrators in the admin area or also allow your users to export their own history from the front end using the mycred_history shortcode.

Export Formats

The export module can export log entries in two ways:

RawLog entries are exported exactly as they appear in the database. This option should be used if your export is intended for moving data or to use your export as a backup of your log.
Example output:
register,0,1,20.00,mycred_default,1486618787,%plural% for registering,
FormattedOnly the reference, point type, date, amount and log entry is exported. Template tags will also be parsed before exported.

Example output:

register,John Doe,10 pt.,Points,January 1st 2017,Points for registering

You can control what fields you want to export using the mycred_export_headers filter.