Rank Progress Shortcode

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Rank Progress

The myCred for WPBakery Page Builder comes with a custom built shortcode for those who use the Ranks add-on in myCred. This shortcode uses the Progress Bar feature in Visual Composer to show a users progress throughout a rank.


The shortcode was built to show a users progress between their current rank and the next one, but it can also be used to show a users progress towards a specific rank. This, however, can have potential issues, especially if a user has reached this target rank or exceeded it.


For information on how to use the shortcode, please consult the documentation for the mycred_rank_progress shortcode.

Showing labels are optional.

Known Issues

Certain versions of Visual Composer that comes bundled with themes do not use or support the Progress Bar feature in Visual Composer. In these cases, the rank progress shortcode will not work!


If you are unsure your theme’s Visual Composer bundle supports Progress Bars or not, create a new page and see if you can add a progress bar. If you can not, then you will also not be able to use the shortcode!