White Labeling

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White Labeling

myCred supports white labelling by allowing you to change the “myCRED” label. Besides changing the plugin name, this also changes the menu label if you are only using one point type.


The myCred label is controlled by the MYCRED_DEFAULT_LABEL constant. Defining it in your wp-config.php file will allow you to change the name before myCred defines it.

Besides using the constant to change the label, it can also be changed using the myCred_label filter. This would be the best way to change the label via a plugin or theme when there is no access to the wp-config.php file.

As of version 1.7, you can use the MYCRED_SLUG constant to change the slugs used in the menu for all myCred related admin screens. Note that this does not extend to changing setting IDs, tokens etc. only URL slugs.


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