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  • First of all, sign in to your ‘Stripe Account’

How to Connect Stripe Account

  • Go to WP Admin Dashboard
  • Then ‘Simple Pay Lite’ tab
  • Next is to go to ‘Settings’ tab
  • Click on ‘Stripe Setup’ menu
  • Now you have to click on ‘Connect with Stripe’ button. For guidance regarding connectivity of ‘Stripe’ see the ‘documentation link’ mentioned below ‘Connect with Stripe’ button
  • As you are already logged in to your ‘Stripe Account’, so your account will get connected and following details will appear. You can ‘Disconnect’ the account at any time by clicking on ‘Disconnect this Account’ link
  • Enable/Disable Test Mode, you may switch it according to your desire
  • Set ‘Country’ where account is registered
  • Select Checkout Language 
  • Click on ‘Save Changes’

General Settings

In this section you can configure some main features that includes:

  1. Payment Success Page

Page on which user will be routed upon successful transaction

  1. Payment Failure Page

Page on which user will be routed upon failure of transaction

  1. Payment Cancelled Page

Page on which user will be routed if they cancel a stripe checkout session

  1. Set Currency 

Set the currency from dropdown button that will be shown at frontend form

  1. Set Currency Position

Set currency position that either you want to show it at right hand side or left-hand side

Payment Confirmation Settings

  • Enter message body for a successful transaction and copy the listed ‘Available Templates’ according to your need
  • Click on ‘Save Changes’

Adding New Payment Form

  • Go to ‘Simple Pay Lite’ tab
  • Then on ‘Add New’ tab
  • A new form will open in which you have to enter following details:
  1. Title of form
  2. Payment Options> Payment Mode (Global/Test/Live)
  3. Set the amount that will be shown for purchase
  4. Set Payment Success Page on which user will be routed upon successful payment. Select Specific page or Redirect URL if you want to redirect the user on some specific page or URL. 

Once form is made so they will get displayed on ‘Payment Forms’ tab


Payment Forms and ShortCodes

  • All forms will get displayed on this tab
  • User needs to copy the shortcode and paste on a page so that they will get displayed at frontend
  • Paste the copied shortcode on a page and publish it