Partial Payments

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Partial Payments

Partial payments allows users to pay for parts of the order using points. The remaining amount is paid using one of your active gateways.

  1. Go to WooCommerce tab.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. And click on myCred tab.
  4. Click on Partial Payments option.
  • Once you successfully install and configure the extension, you will be provided with the options to manage partial payment as per your requirements. Admin able to see the new option called (Do you want to use Partial Payment). By default, partial payment option is enabled for all settings. However, the admin can manually enable/disable the option for which enabling is required.
  • First select the partial payment for position, it can be set to Before Order Total, After Order Total or Disabled where the position can be set using my theme template files.
  • Next we need to select which point type we want to accept as payment and the exchange rate between the selected point type and your store currency.
  • Next you are given the option to set a minimum payment requirement. This minimum is only enforced if the user want to make a partial payment. They can still checkout without making any point payment what-so-ever.
  • We can also enforce a maximum cap where a user can only pay for a certain percentage of the order total. This would mean the user would need to make some form of payment using some other payment gateway.
  • Next you need to decide if users can make multiple payments and if they can undo their payments. Undoing a payment will result in the points being fully refunded to the users account.
  • If you are using store rewards in myCred, you can select if the point amount the user pays is deducted or not from the payout.
  • Next, we need to decide what points can be used as payment for. You can select if points can pay for taxes (if used), shipping (if applicable) or products that are marked as “on sale” in WooCommerce.
  • After that, we need to select if we want to use an input field where a user needs to type in the amount they want to spend or if we want to use a convenient slider. Both can be set to have a “step” value which dictates how much the point amount increments. 
  • If you use the input field options, your users can of course type in any amount, the increment only works when you click on the up or down button inside the input field.
  • As the user types in an amount or moves the slider, they will be able to see above how many points they choose and the amount it gives in discount.
  • Next you are given the option to insert a title and description that are inserted above the input field/slider in the form, along with changing the button label.
  • Finally we need to set some log entry templates. These templates are what your customers will see in their points history (if shown). 
  • These fields are mandatory and can not be left empty! If you do, the user will be charged the point amount but there will be no record of the payment and will result in no refunds!

You can also select what point related details you would like to show on the checkout page. That includes Point Cost and User Balance.

  • This is an option to include your user’s points related history in the account page. When enabled or if you change the SLUG you will need to reset your permalinks.
  • Remember to click on save changes when read
  • Here you can pay through points.
  • WooCommerce will update the checkout page and the order total automatically when a coupon is added or removed.