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myCred has built-in Multisite support since version 1.4, supporting both being used on specific sites only or being enabled on all sites. If you select to enable myCred Network-wide, you also gain access to Multisite-related features, not normally accessible on regular WordPress installations.

Accessing Your Network Settings

In order for you to be able to access the myCred Network Settings, you must enable myCred network-wide. This is done just like with any other WordPress plugin, via your Network Admin screen. You must be a “Super Admin” in order to do this.


Once myCred has been enabled Network-wide, we will need to go to our main site (the site with the blog id 1) and set up our first point type. Once you have set up your first point type, you will be able to see the myCred menu in your Network Admin area.

The myCred menu on the left-hand side will not become visible until you have also set up your first point type on your main site.

Installation Status

As of version 1.7.6, once myCred has been enabled network-wide, you will be able to see if myCred is installed or not on each site in your network. It will also show you sites that have been blocked from using myCred.

As of version 1.7.6 you can now view the status of each myCred installation in your network.