Badge Requirement

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Badge Requirement

  • To achieve the badge level for users, set up the requirement criteria.
  • Click on the caret icon to open the Badge Requirements area.
  • Click on Add New Badge Requirements button to set up the fields.

Note : Admin can add multiple Requirements by clicking the Add New Badge Requirement.

  • Once clicked , a form will appear fill the fields.
    • Set the desired  Label.
    • Choose the option from the dropdown menu (Optional or Required).
    • Choose When for a Reference event from the dropdown menu.
    • Choose the desired Point type and select the desired setting for the active hooks from the dropdown menu.
    • Enter the URL that helps out to the users how they will achieve the badge.
    • To Delete click on the trashicon to delete the specific level.
  •  Once you successfully set up badge-level requirements, click the Save all Badge Requirements button to save the changes.

Note: If admin skips to save changes and directly publish/update the badge, it will not update the requirements.

Sequential Requirements:

  • After successfully creating the requirements admin can enable the Sequential Requirements.
  • Switch the toggle for enable or disable Sequential Requirements options.
  • Add more than two or three levels to see the numbering result.
  • Admin can rearrange the order of Sequential Requirements levels by drag and drop.
  • Set a featured image by clicking on the Set badge logo area on the Right panel.
  • Browse an image from your computer or choose from WordPress media.
  • Select the desired logo and click Set badge logo
  • Once done click on the Set badge logo button.
  • Click on the Publish/Update button to save the changes.

Log Entry

  • A Badge Plus Reward log entry will be generated once the badge is successfully achieved.

View Earners

  • Admin can see the earners who achieved badges successfully.
  • Click the View Earners anchor link.
  • As you click on the link, you will be redirected to a single badge page where all earned users appear.
  • Admin can search users by Username, Id, and Email.
  • The Earns column shows the count of how much the user’s badge earns.
  • There is a link at the top right corner, Back to Badge Plus, to go back to the badges page.

Award / Revoke Badges:

  • Inorder to revoke Badges navigate to  All Users under the Users tab on the wordpress admin dashboard.
  • Select the specific user and  click on either the username or edit link.
  • Scroll down and find the Badges section under the user profile page.
  • Admin has the ability to revoke user earned badges by clicking on the Revoke badge button.
  • Admin can manually assign the badges to users from their profile.
  • Select Badge to Award Manually: Choose the badge from the dropdown menu that you want to assign
  • Click on the Assign Badge button.

Note : Admin can assign the same badge multiple times.

Front-end Impact:

  • View
    • Admin can view the badge by clicking View anchor link.
  • Preview how the badge will look in the front end after successfully achieved.