PacMan Game Settings

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PacMan Game Settings

  • Settings are enabled in myCred settings tab.
  • Access settings: Points → Settings → Pacman Game.

PacMan Lives

  • Set user’s lives/playing chances, according to their requirements or preferences.
  • By default, there are 3 lives if the field is left empty.
  • Maximum 4 lives can be set for a single game.
PacMan Lives - myCred PacMan

Game Title

  • Set the title of game it displays when the game is launched.
PacMan Game title - myCred PacMan

Game Over Label

  • This label is displayed when the user has used all lives.
Game Over Label - myCred PacMan

Color Settings

  • Admin can modify all the visual elements like Game Over Color, Bubbles Color, Walls color, Background Color, and Text Color.
  • Iris color picker has also been integrated.
Color Settings - myCred PacMan

Ghost Name

  • Set name of ghosts.
  • Ghost names will be displayed on the starting screen.
Ghost Name - myCred PacMan
This is PacMan - myCred PacMan


  • Copy and paste the shortcode on the page to display on front end.
  • The shortcode is available on Pacman game settings.
Shortcode 1 - myCred PacMan
Shortcode 2 - myCred PacMan

Front End

Front end 2 - myCred PacMan
Front End - myCred PacMAn