Specific Hook

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Specific Hook

If Specific Hook is selected then the customer gets points for the relevant survey form set by the admin, whenever a user fills a survey form.

Enable Specific Hook

Click on the checkbox if the admin wants to enable a Specific Hook.

  • Navigate to the Enable Specific Hook in Specific hook.
  • Click on the checkbox.


Select Survey

All the survey forms that are made by the admin in TotalSurvey, will appear in the Select Survey dropdown menu. 

  • Navigate Select Survey in Specific hook.
  • Select the survey from the dropdown menu.


Admin can enter the Points the customer will get whenever they submit a survey.

  • Navigate Points in a Specific hook for the selected survey.


Admin can set Limits for a customer, for getting points every time on a survey.

  • Navigate Limit in Specific hook.

Log Template

  • Navigate Log Template in a specific hook.
  • The Log Template generates automatically.
  • Admin can verify it in Log, whenever a customer fills a survey.

Add More

Admin can add more than one survey form by clicking on the Add More button. 

  • Navigate Add More button in specific hook.
  • Click on the Add More button.


Admin can remove any survey form by clicking on the Remove button.

  • Navigate Remove button in specific hook.
  • Click on the Remove button.
  • A notification alert will appear on the page.
  • Click on Ok, to remove 

FrontEnd Impact

  • When a customer fills the Survey Form and clicks on the submit button.

  • A Thank you message will appear.
  • The points notification will be shown when myCred Notification is activated.

  • If a customer wants to submit another survey form then click on Submit another entry.
  • Which will redirect the customer to the survey form.

Admin End

Admin can check, Customers who earned points on submitting the survey form.

  • Navigate Dashboard => Points => Logs.

Customer End

Customers can check the earned points on submitting the survey form.

  • Navigate Dashboard => Profile => Points History.