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Plugins in the freebies category are free to download and use. A majority of these plugins are third-party bridge connections.


myCred Credly

myCred-Credly lets you create, give and earn digital badges with Credly Badge Builder. With Credly API integration now you can create badges in myCred or create a badge in Credly and import it into myCred. 

myCred BP Group Leaderboards

myCred BP Group Leaderboards add-on allows you to set up leaderboards for your BuddyPress group members based on their point balances. 

myCred for Events Manager Pro

Connect myCred with one of the most popular and powerful Event plugin for WordPress – Events Manager Pro.

myCred H5P

myCred-H5P lets you award points to your users on H5P interactive activities. Encourage and increase user engagement by adding a gamification element to your H5P multimedia content. 

myCred Github Rewards

myCred GitHub collaborates with your GitHub account and enables you to gain points based on successful pull requests of added code in the master branch of a project. 

myCred MemberPress

myCred Memberpress Integration awards myCred points when a membership has been subscribed that was created via Memberpress. 

myCred BuddyBoss Integration

The integration has been geared up with Multiple hooks that can be set to award mycred points when a BuddyBoss Platform event is triggered, the hooks have been designed and integrated with a thorough thought process as they cover nearly all the aspects of the BuddyBoss Platform like Follow Events, Profile Events, Friendship Events, Group Events, Message Events, Friendship Events, Group Events, Message Events and Forum Events with each event when triggered also generates points award notification and points logs get updated for the respective event. 

myCred Badge Plus

myCred Badges Plus is an enhancement of built-in badges add-on with numerous features like (Maximum Earning, Global Maximum Earning, Sequential Requirements, Open Badge, Rank Types) and much more.