Events Manager

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Events Manager

As of version, the PRO version of this plugin is no longer supported via the myCred plugin. Instead, you will need to download a separate free plugin to regain support.

myCred has built-in support for Events Manager, allowing your users to pay for event tickets using myCred points.

Pay Using Points

Once the gateway add-on is enabled, myCred will add in a new custom payment gateway in your Events Manager plugin settings. Just like other payment gateways, users can use this option if they have enough points.


You can select to accept points as a form of payment along with other payment gateways or select if points is the only form of payment that can be used.

Setup guide:

  1. Activate the Gateway Add-on on the myCred Add-ons page.
  2. Go to the Events > Payment Gateways settings in your admin area.
  3. Click on myCred in the list to edit your gateway settings.
  4. Name the payment options to anything you like and give a description explaining to your users what this gateway does.
  5. Select your payment setup. You can select if myCredpoints should be offered along with other gateways or if you want points to be the only accepted form of payment in your store.
  6. Set the percentage amount you want to refund (if refunds are allowed).
  7. Set the profit share to the percentage you want to share with your event managers. Use zero if you are managing all events yourself.
  8. Adjust the labels and templates that are used around the website. Remember that log entry templates can not be empty or your users will not be charged for their payments!
  9. Save.