Pending Payments

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Pending Payments

Each time a user attempts to purchase points, their request is saved as a “Pending Payment”. This is so if a transaction fails or gets aborted for some reason, the user can always make a new purchase attempt without having to make a new request which in turn would create a new pending payment. This is also used for manual payments where an administrator or staff can manually mark a request as paid.


Pending buyCred purchase requests listed in admin area.

You can access all currently pending payments on your website under the myCred menu in your admin area. You can select to edit a pending payment or take actions such as mark a payment as paid which in turn pays out the points to the buyer; or select to delete the pending payment.


myCred uses the WordPress comment system to keep track of events related to a pending payment. This is mainly used to indicate potential issues and are usually triggered by a payment operator informing your website of an issue regarding a payment.


In most cases however you will not see a pending payment or a comment. This is because in most cases when using instant payment operators like PayPal, by the time the user has been redirected back to your website after a successful payment, they have already received their points. This of course only applies to situations where the payment operator informs your website of a successful payment quickly. As an example, Bitcoin payments can sometimes take time to be confirmed which means a user might need to wait to get their points.


For this reason it is important that you inform your users that payments can sometimes take a few moments to complete so they do not attempt to make a new purchase thinking the first attempt failed. A pending payment is not deleted until it has been confirmed to be paid or until it is trashed.

Front End

Since version 1.5 you can use the mycred_buy_pending shortcode to show your users their pending point purchase requests. They can select to cancel these pending payments or select to revisit trying to pay for the order.