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Let’s just talk about 2 required things to make the magic happen using the API.

  1. Access Key.
  2. URL Identifier.

Access Key

You are required to pass this key with each POST request along with other required and optional arguments.

How to get it?
Install myCred Rest API plugin and you will see Rest API Settings tab in myCred Points settings like this

Click the REST API Settings tab to see the following

Click the “Generate New Key” button to generate a new key in the input field on the left side. Feel free to copy the key from the input field and store it in Google Keep or somewhere and forget about it for a while.

URL Identifier

This setting can be found on the same tab.

Points >Settings >Rest API Settings

URL identifier can be added in the highlighted box.
For e.g. if you add mycred/v1

The URL to find endpoints will be