Rank Settings

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Rank Settings

  • After that add the desired Rank Setting.
  • Determine the following Rank Settings.

Rank Priority

  • Enable Rank Priority to set the rank as default
Note : If the toggle is enabled the user can not set the requirements it will be used as default rank

Congratulations Message

  • This message will appear frontend once the Rank is successfully awarded.

Assign Rank

  • Admin can also assign the rank manually by clicking the Assign button.
  • After that add the desired Title.

Rank Type

  • Admin need to select the desired rank type.

Note : In order to publish the rank, admin must select a rank type.

Log Entry

  • Badge Plus Reward log entry will be generated once the badge is successfully achieved.

Rank Image

  • To set the image select the desired image from the library or upload one.
  • Once done the select image and click the Set rank image button.


  • Admin can also add the excerpts for the rank