Gamipress Importer Settings

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  • Navigate to the myCred point type > Settings
  • Open up the Gamipress Importer tab
  • Inside the Gamipress Importer tab, you can find the following options:
    • Gamipress Import Point Types
    • Import Gamipress Points
    • Gamipress Import Achievements
    • Gamipress Import Ranks

Step 1: Import Gamipress Point Types:

  • Click on the Gamipress Import Points Types button
  • It will import all Gamipress point types into myCred
  • Once all point types successfully imported
  • You will get the message: (Points Type successfully imported)

Step 2: Import Gamipress Points Log:

  • To import the Gamipress user log entries.
  • Click on the Import Gamipress Points button.
  • It will import each point type logs separately.
  • Once all point types log have been imported successfully, you will get the message: (Gamipress points successfully imported)
  • User log entries that is successfully imported from Gamipress.

Step 3: Import Gamipress Achievements:

  • Before importing achievements from Gamipress, you must have to activate the Badges Add-on.
  • To activate the Badges add-on.
  • Navigate to the Points > Add-ons
  • Activate the Badges add-on
  • Make sure myCred Badges add-on is activated.
  • To import all Gamipress achievements into myCred.
  • Click on the “Gamipress Import Achievements” button.
  • Once all Gamipress Achievements have been imported successfully. You will get the message: (GamiPress achievements has been migrated successfully)

Import Gamipress Ranks

  • To import all gamipress ranks into myCred.
  • Click on the “Gamipress Import Ranks” button.
  • Once all Gamipress Ranks have been imported successfully. You will get the message: (Gamipress Ranks has been migrated successfully)