Fortune Wheel

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myCred Fortune Wheel

myCred Fortune Wheel is a gamification Add-on which attracts visitor of your site and gives them a chance to spin the fortune wheel where they will be awarded by points. It is a different way to offer points to your customers. Fortune Wheel can appear on any page of your WordPress site. Users can play a spin once they visit on your site depend on your wheel settings.


Set unlimited SlicesThere are two kinds of wheel slices (1. No Prize 2. Win Prize) . You have the power to set unlimited slices of your wheel with the priority based which mean you can easily control which slice you would like to stop most.
Full Control Over LayoutYou have full control over the layout of myCred Fortune Wheel. You can easily customize the colors labels and everything which you like.
Offer Free SpinmyCred fortune wheel has the ability to offer free spins for your customers. You can set the free spin limit from the wheel settings.
Shortcode SupportYou can place a fortunewheel shortcode in a page to display wheel on any place of the page.
Display On Specific PagemyCred Fortune wheel has the option to set on which page you would like to appear on your site. You can set all pages or a specific page.

Available Shortcode

[fortunewheel wheel_id=123]

Shortcode Attributes

wheel_idINTYesFortune Wheel ID.


$timeframeSupported keywords: todayyesterdaythisweek and thismonth.

Example: Change free spin timeframe 1 day to 1 month.

					add_filter( 'mycred_fortunewheel_free_spin_timeframe', 'mycred_fortunewheel_free_spin_once_month', 10, 1 );

function mycred_fortunewheel_free_spin_once_month( $timeframe ) {

	// available timeframe = today, week and month
	$timeframe = 'thismonth';
	return $timeframe;


Spin Result

$resultHook your custom event after spinning (return: “count_wins” or “count_loss”).

Example: Add your own hook after spin.

					add_action('mycred_fortunewheel_after_spin', 'mycred_fortunewheel_spin_result', 10, 1);

function mycred_fortunewheel_spin_result( $result ) {
	if( $result == 'count_wins' ) {
		// do something after win
	if( $result == 'count_loss' ) {
		// do something after loss