Frontend Functionality

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Frontend Functionality

  • Go to ‘Payments Settings Tab’
  • Then will click on ‘Connect with Stripe’ button
stripe cashcred
  • Customer will be routed to ‘Stripe’ login menu. Enter login id and password to login the account
stripe signin
  • Customer account will show as connected now
stripe cashcred

Cash Withdrawal 

  • Customer will login from his/her stripe account
  • Now he/she will enter desired amount of points to be exchanged in cash (Exchanged value will be shown below)
  • After entering desired number of points, ‘Submit Request’ button needs to be clicked
stripe cashcred mycred

Generated request will be sent to admin for approval and request will be shown as pending. Once a previous request gets approved then customer can make a new request

Pending Request

Pending Request cashcred stripe

Approved Request

  • When request has been approved so it will be shown in ‘Approved Requests’ tab
approved request stripe cashcred

Cancelled Request

  • If the request has been cancelled so will appear in cancelled tab
stripe request cancel

Stripe Account Payment Confirmation

Made payment can be seen in Stripe Account of customer

Stripe Account Payment Confirmation