Manual Mode

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Manual Mode

In Manual Mode, the add-on will not set content for sale automatically but instead you are required to edit each post / post type you want to sell access to and select to enable purchases.


When you edit a post type that has been set to “Manual Mode”, you will find a new “Sell Content” metabox. To enable sales, tick the point type (or types) you want to accept as payment, set the price and optionally if the purchase expires. Prices can not be zero!

Remember to save.

An example where a post has been set for sale for 15 points (with no expiration).

This is what a regular user would see if they have not yet purchased access to a particular post. Since this user can afford to pay, the “Member” template is loaded for them instead of the regular content. Notice that everything else about the post is fully visible! After all, we are only selling access to the content field.