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Credly Badge Builder

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Credly Badge Builder

  • Go to Points → Badges → Add New.
  • Click on the “Credly Badge Builder” link to create a badge image.
  • Define badge expiration date otherwise set it to zero.
  • Assign a category to badges if needed.
  • Define the reference points on which the badge will be awarded.
  • Click Publish.
  • Select or upload badge & customize it with available tools.
  • Choose badge shapes & border styles.
  • Add or remove badge banner.
  • Select color for icon, banner & borders.

You can also Import Badges from your Credly account directory.

  • Go to Points -> Badges.
  • Click on Get Existing Credly Badges.
  • Select Badge -> Connect Badge.
  • Select Badge from the dropdown list.
  • Click Connect Badge.
  • Badge will be imported as a draft.
  • Edit & Publish the badge.
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