User Profiles

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User Profiles

The myCred for UserPro plugin can help you insert your users point balances, ranks or badges in their profiles or let you insert these details yourself using UserPro profile fields.

Showing Balances

This plugin can insert your users balances (unless they are excluded) in their profile for you. But if you want to insert their balances yourself, or have them shown somewhere else on their profile, you must do this via your own Custom Field. No need for panic though, it’s an easy thing to do:

  1. Login to your admin area and visit the UserPro menu.
  2. Click on the + button for “Edit Profile Fields” to show your current field setup for your users profiles.
  3. Your users balances are stored under a custom meta key which UserPro can fetch for you. On the upper right part of your current page, click on the blue button “Add New Field”. Enter a field label of your choosing and make sure to select “Text Input” for the Field Type field.
  4. Next, for the “Unique Field Key” field enter mycred_default to show the default point balance or if you are using multiple point types, the meta key you set for your custom type. Remember this is case sensitive!
  5. Click Publish to save.
  6. Once saved, the new field will then be added to the fields menu on the right side of the page. Drag this field to your “Edit Profile Fields” menu and place it where ever you want.
  7. Now, make sure you select to “Lock” the field or your users will be able to adjust their own balances! You can combine this with any other setting UserPro offers and as an admin, you will be able to adjust a users balance directly from their profile!
  8. Repeat for any other point type you want to show.

What myCRED calls “Meta Key”, UserPro calls “Unique Field Key”.

Showing Ranks

This add-on also allows you to show a user rank and/or rank logo in their profile using “Profile Fields”. Simply use the mycred_rank or mycred_rank_logo unique field key and you are set!

Showing Badges

This add-on also allows you to show a users earned badges in their profile. You can chose to let the add-on insert them for you or create a custom field called mycred_earned_badges.

The [userpro] Shortcode

You can use the [userpro] shortcode to show a users points history by setting the template attribute to “mycred_history”.

Examples 1: Show a user history with default settings.

[userpro template=mycred_history]

Example 2: Show a profiles history and make it “public” allowing users to view each others history.

[userpro template=mycred_history history_public=1]

Example 3: Show a profiles history and change the number of entries to show from the default 10 to 25.

[userpro template=mycred_history history_number=25]

Example 4: Show a profiles history and adjust the history title.

[userpro template=mycred_history history_title="Points History"]