myCred WooCommerce Free

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myCred WooCommerce Free

Features List

  • Compatibility for WooCommerce blocks
  • Points for each order
  • Points for first order
  • Points for order range
  • Points for number of orders

WooCommerce Add-on Activation

  1. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard > myCred > Add-ons.
    Demo Image 1
  2. The admin’s on the Built-in Add-ons tab now.
  3. Navigate to the WooCommerce addon and click the Activate button.

    Note: The WooCommerce addon must be activated for the Hooks to function.
  4. Once activated, navigate to WordPress Admin Dashboard > myCred > WooCommerce.
  5. In the WooCommerce section, the admin can set it for the single product page by the toggle button.
  6. Further, the admin can set the reward on order statuses by selecting the multi-select dropdown under the Status label.