Points for Voting Up in Anspress Hook

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  • The function of this hook is that when it’s activated then the plugin will award points as a user votes up a question or answer using the Anspress platform.
  • This hook will award points to the user that has voted up a question or answer only.
  • Drag and drop the Points for voting up in Anspress hook from the Available Hooks section to Active Hooks. 
  • Once done, click on the hook to open its configuration. 
  • Admin can set the Points which will be awarded whenever the event is triggered. 
  • Limits can be set as in per Day, Week, Month, In Total or No Limit to award points whenever the event is triggered.
  • Once done, click on the Save button.

Frontend Impact

  • The user will go to the Site.
  • Then the user will go to the Question page and click on any question.
  • Now that the user has opened the question, there are buttons Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down beside the Question box and the Answer box for voting purposes.
  • The User will then click on the Thumbs Up button. (Here the user just clicked on the Thumbs Up button of the Question Box published by user name myCred).
  • The user will be awarded points when the event is triggered.