Points for Getting Answer Selected As Best in Anspress Hook

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Points for Getting Answer Selected as Best in Anspress Hook

  • The function of this hook is that when it’s activated then the plugin will award points to the user who gets his answer selected as best from by other users using the Anspress platform.
  • Drag and drop the Points for getting answer selected as best in Anspress hook from the Available Hooks section to Active Hooks. 
  • Once done, click on the hook to open its configuration. 
  • Admin can set the Points which will be awarded whenever the event is triggered. 
  • Limits can be set as in per Day, Week, Month, In Total or No Limit to award points whenever the event is triggered.
  • Once done, click on the Save button.

Frontend Impact

  • The user will go to the Site
  • Then the user will go to the Question page and click on any question.
  • Then go to the answer section of that question.
  • At the right bottom side of the answer box, there will be a Select option.
  • Click on the Select option.
  • Once done, the option would turn into Green color and the label would be changed to Unselect (In case you want to choose another answer as the best answer).
  • The user who is the author of that answer will be awarded points when the event is triggered.
  • The author of that comment will be notified of awarded points once logged in.