Gateway Setup

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Gateway Setup

Once you have enabled the plugin on your website, the myCred payment gateway option will become available in your Easy Digital Downloads settings page. The gateway works just like any other payment gateway you might be using in EDD but instead of charging users real money it charged them points.

Gateway Settings

First we will need to give myCred a label that your buyers will see in checkout for this payment option. You can call it myCred but it should be something that reflects your points setup.


Next we need to set a log entry template for payments, this field is very important and can not be left empty! This is the text your users will see in their history for their payments.


Next, you can select o enable profit sharing, which allows you to pay a percentage of the payment to the products author. To enable this, make sure the profit share is higher than zero and that a log entry is set.


Finally we need to decide which point type to accept as payment. If your store is setup to use a real currency e.g. USD, you must set an exchange rate so we know how much an order costs in points. If your store on the other hand uses points as currency, the exchange rate will not be needed.


Remember to save!