Selling Points

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Selling Points

buyCred is not the only way for you to sell points on your website. If you are using WooCommerce and the Gateway add-on, there is really no need to also use buyCred add-on just for selling points. Instead, you can use the point payout system for products to sell points.


Creating a Point Product

Creating a product that grants points is very easy. We can use the Store Reward system in myCred to ensure that users get their points as soon as the product is paid for.


Simply create a new product in WooCommerce, name it anything you want, and select to make it “Virtual”. This will prevent users having to pay shipping for the order. You can make the product Simple, in which case they can only get one amount e.g. 1000 points. Or make the product Variable, allowing them to select multiple values from the same product e.g. 1000 points or 25000 points.


Once saved, you just need to enable the Store Reward system and set how much points a user should get when purchasing the product. Remember that for Variable Products, you set the point amount you want to give for each variation!


Publish and you are ready to go.

Tick the checkbox to enable points rewards when the product is purchased.

The myCred metabox will only be visible to users that have the edit_others_posts capability! You can change this via the mycred_woo_reward_cap filter.

Minimum Requirement

In order for the buyer to receive their points, they must be:

  • Logging in when placing their order.
  • Not be set to be excluded from using points on your website.
  • Pay using a gateway that can be marked as paid *.
  • Pay using real money and not myCred points.

* You can use the following code snippet to move payouts from when an order is marked as paid to when an order gets the status “Completed”. This would allow payouts when an order is paid using a manual payment gateway e.g. Bank Transfer or Check.