Rank Settings

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Rank Type

  • A new page will appear on the right panel.
  • Enter the desired Name of the Rank Type.
  • Set the slug (URL) or leave the slug field blank; if you leave it blank, it will automatically be filled.
  • Add the desired Rank Type and click Add New Rank Type button.
  • Once done the Rank Type will  be saved.
Note: If each category has a different rank type, the first is going to be the default.
  • After that navigate to Rank Plus→ All Ranks.
  • And click on the Add New Ranks.
  • After that a page will appear here user can add the Rank setting and Rank Requirements.
  • But first the admin must select the desired Rank Type from the dropdown available at right panel under the label Rank Type.
  • After that add the desired Title.
  • Admin can also add the RankPlus Gutenberg block by clicking the + button.
  • And search the Rank to select the desired Gutenberg block.