How myCred Gutenberg works

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How myCred Gutenberg works

A. Active all Available Hooks

  1. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard > Points > Hooks
  2. In the Hooks page, you will see two sections. Available Hooks on the left and Active Hooks on the right.
  3. Admin is able to drag all Available Hooks to Active Hooks (as per requirement)

B. Active all Addons

  1. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard > Points > Addons
  2. In the Addons page, you can Activate addons (as per your requirement)

C. Gutenberg Blocks

  1. Once you activated all Hooks and Addons (as per your requirement) then go to Pages/Posts > Add New > Set the Title of Page/Post.
  2. Click on + icon to view myCred blocks in a dropdown.
  3. Choose the “myCred” block section where you will find the list of myCred Gutenberg blocks.

Video Demo