Global Reward Setting

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Global Reward Setting

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > myCred
  • Click Display Rewards option
  • Scroll down to Global Reward Setting.
  • Enable Reward Points on Cart total.
  • Select Point Type.

When Global Reward Setting is enabled it will override the single product points reward value.

  • Select Reward Type.
    1. Fixed: Reward points with fixed value on cart total regardless of total amount.
    2. Percentage: Reward points on percentage basis depends on total amount for e.g. (If the order total is $100 and reward percentage is 10%. 10 Points will be the store reward for the user).
    3. Exchange Rate: Define the conversion rate of points against the currency for e.g. ($10 = 1 point).
  • Enter points value either for fixed or percentage type.

Reward point value field will only enable when you select either fixed or percentage reward point in option.

  • Set the exchange rate for 1 point in your store.

Exchange rate field will only enable when the Exchange rate option is selected from the Reward point in option.

  • Enter the message to display at the cart and checkout page.
  • Save Changes

For Points use {points} and for types use {type}.

Front-End View


Points will be awarded on completion of order. Logs are generated for the specific point type.

  • Go to Point Type  ➜ logs.