Point Type Settings

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Point Type Settings

Under each point type menu in your admin area you will find the Settings page. Here you will find your point related settings and the settings of most add-ons.

Core Settings

Each point type’s core settings consist of four sections:

  • Label – Handles the point types label in singular or plural format.
  • Format – Handles the way points are formatted and presented around your website.
  • Security – Handles security related settings, such as the capabilities that define the “Point Editor” and “Point Administrator”. You can also set the highest point value that myCred is allowed to give out and set your exclusion settings.
  • Other – Right now this only handles the option of deleting log entries when a user is deleted.
myCred point type settings.

Point type management


This section allows you to run point type specific actions such as delete all log entries or set all users balances to zero. Certain add-ons add further settings to this section, such as the Ranks add-on where you can select to delete all ranks or assign ranks to all users. This is also where you enable the Remote API (version 1.0).

Point Types

This section handles all the point types you have installed. It is also where you add new point types.

Add or remove myCred point types.


As of version 1.7, this section allows you to control if users or administrators can export log entries. If they can, you can also set the name of the export files and what type of exports you want to allow.