Add-on Setup

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Add-on Setup

Before your users can start transferring points, we must setup the add-ons settings. This includes what point type’s a user can transfer along with the option to enforce limits. As of version 1.7.6, you can also set to enable transfer messages.


Base Settings

If you have more than one point type setup, your first task will be to select all the point types the user can transfer. You can setup to enforce a limit on how much a user can transfer and as of version 1.7.6, you can select to allow messages to be attached to each transfer.


This is done by providing the maximum length of a message. Use zero to disable. If you want to use transfer messages, also make sure you include the %transfer_message% template tag in your recipients and/or senders log entry templates. This is the only way to render messages!


Finally we need to setup our templates. These templates are used by the mycred_transfer shortcode when it’s viewed by someone who is not logged in. You can also set how limits and / or balances are presented inside the shortcode (assuming you select to show them).

Remember to always save, even if the default settings are to your liking!