Signup Referral Hook

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Conditions Functionality On Points For Referral:

  • The points for referral hook has been integrated with new functionality of Condition, using this new feature user can restrict the points awarding mechanism based on condition that it would apply on selected products or products except those that are mentioned.
  • To achieve this, a field has been integrated into the respective hook, where the user can define the product ids that are to be restricted.

Products can be awarded points for referral based on three conditions, it can be set on all products and the points for a referral will be awarded on all products, Products except option will only award points for referral on the products which do not have their ids defined in the field and Selected products can be defined with ids in the field and the points for referral will be awarded on the selected products only.

  • When the user purchases the product according to the condition provided in the hook the plugin will award points for referral.