Create Pull Request

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  • Go to your GitHub Account
  • Add a new repository
  • Name your Repository
  • Create it
  • Create a Branch
  • Edit some code in your branch
  • Give ‘Update Name’ and ‘Description’
  • Click on ‘Commit Changes’


  • We can see that the changes has been added
  • Next Step is to pull the request
  • Go to Pull Request
  • Click on the new pull request
  • A list of recent additions will be shown
  • Click on anyone from listed items
  • By clicking on the above-highlighted changes following screen will appear where we can see the made changes in projects
  • Next thing is to click on ‘Create Pull Request’
  • Click on ‘Create Pull Request’
  • Click on ‘Merge Pull Request’
  • Click on ‘Confirm Merge’
  • Finally, we will see the confirmation of successful transaction