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The notifications add-on is not guaranteed to work with all WordPress themes. For this reason, I have collected some troubleshooting guides if you are having trouble getting notifications from showing up.


Help Script

One of the most annoying things about troubleshooting notifications is that we need to manipulate our balances each time we test in order to trigger a new notifications. For this reason, I have created a code snippet I recommend you add to your theme’s functions.php file. It will make sure that the user you nominate will see a notification on every page load in the “front-end” of your website. Just make sure you remove it once you have finished.


This is particularly useful if you have selected to exclude administrators from using points.

Popup Blockers

There has been reports of certain browser applications that are meant to block popups or ads, not working nicely with notifications. Try disabling the app you are using by white listing your website.


CSS Issues

The by-far most common reason notifications are not showing up is CSS styling being applied to the popup element by the theme or by a plugin. Sometimes custom CSS pushes the notifications out of sight or some other element is covering it up. Another common sign of CSS issues is that the notifications is rendered on very bottom of the page.


These type of conflicts can require some detective work in order to resolve. I would recommend using Google Chrome’s developer tools and inspect the page. If you look at the page’s source, near the bottom of the page you should see a div element with the class notice-wrap. You should also see the javascript code that triggers the notice. The script is preceded by the text: . Selecting this element will show what CSS styles are being applied to the element in the developer window allowing you to pinpoint where the CSS styles are coming from and make appropriate adjustments. CSS knowledge is a minimum requirement to do this.

Javascript Issues

Another common issue is Javascript related. Often third-party plugins, your theme or some custom code you are using is generating a Javascript error which in certain circumstances can affect the Notifications script. The only solution in these situation is to fix the javascript error(s).