Plugin Configuration and Functionality

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Plugin Configuration and Functionality


At first, admin must be logged in ‘square account’

Sandbox Account Configuration

myCred Square (Payment Gateway)

myCRED Add-on Setting

buyCred Square Shortcode

Following are the shortcodes: 

FrontEnd Functionality

  • Go to the page where you have placed shortcode
  • Customer can enter ‘no of points’ according to need but there could be a maximum no of points that can be earned if admin has configured it at settings
  • Customer will enter number of points to buy
  • Upon clicking on ’buy now’ button we will route to following screen. Customer will enter details and will click on ‘buy coin’
  • On successful payment following screen will appear
  • Place Full Page Shortcode [mycred_square_buy amount=13] (This code will open the form on full page format to buy points)

If transaction will placed successfully then customer will be routed on specified URL or if a customer will cancel the transaction by clicking on cancel button, then customer will be routed on that URL which had been configured by admin

Square Transactions Verification

  • Admin will go in ‘square account’
  • Then transaction
  • Recent transaction counter will be shown as well as list of transactions can be seen from here

Hooks Points

  • Admin can set ‘Hook Points’ rewards for customers upon purchasing ‘Points’
  • For that setting Go to ‘Points’>‘Hooks’>Drag ‘Reward for Buying Points’ in Active Hooks
  • Set Points and Click on ‘Save’


  • Customer can go in his/her profile> Profile History
  • Purchased Point History can be seen along with rewarded hook points