WCVendors Settings

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WCVendors Settings

Define product commission

  • Go to add a new product from woocommerce
  • Select “Commission tab” to add a percentage of commission
  • Select Commission options to define commission type [in points Or in cash Or cash and Points].  Enter the percentage of commission according to the type you selected.

Define this product by vendor

  • From add new product select vendor name.

Get commission according to roles

  • The commission will calculate according to settings added form products if not added will be added from users if not added will be calculated from default.

View Commission log

  • Go to WCVendors → Commissions
  • You can view all vendors commissions

Points according to product rating

  • Go to Points → hooks
  • Admin can define the number of points according to each rate star number  

View points log

  • Go to Points  → Log
  • You can view all vendors points

Points exchange rate

  • Go to WooCommerce  → settings → payments — enable pay with mycred
  • Control the one point exchange rate
  • In case of no exchange rate value, the user won’t be able to give commission as points.