Displaying Ranks

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Displaying Ranks

The Ranks add-on comes with five built-in shortcodes to help you display Ranks on your website.

mycred_my_rankThis shortcode allows you to show a specific users rank or the current user viewing the shortcode. Only shows rank for one particular point type.
mycred_users_of_rankThis shortcode will return a list of users with a particular rank.
mycred_users_of_all_ranksThis shortcode will run through each rank and present by default 10 users of each rank.
mycred_list_ranksThis shortcode will list all existing ranks for a particular point type.
mycred_my_ranksNew in 1.6, this shortcode will return all ranks a user has. Should only be used when you have ranks for more then one point type.

BuddyPress & bbPress

The Ranks add-on has built-in support for BuddyPress and bbPress. If any of these two plugins are installed, you can select to automatically insert a users rank in BuddyPress profiles or bbPress Topic Replies. You can also set the HTML template for how the details are presented.