This shortcode returns a list of users for each role in descending order. By default all users are returned for each rank but you can change this to any number.

If you want to customize the layout of each row, you can create your own template and wrap this shortcode around it. This way, your html template will be used for each user row. Supports the use of shortcodes and user related template tags.

If you only looking to return users for a single role, consider using the mycred_users_of_rank shortcode instead.

Requires the Ranks add-on to be enabled.

Available since version 1.3

Shortcode Attributes

Attribute Type Required Default Description
login string No - Message to show to visitors if they are not logged in. Should be left empty if you want to show ranks to visitors as well.
number string No - The number of ranks to show. Do not use if you want to show all ranks.
ctype string No - Option to show ranks of a particular point type. Should not be used if you only have one point type installed or if you want to show ranks for all point types.
show_logo int No 1 Option to show each rank's logo (1) or just their title (0).
logo_size string No post-thumbnail If rank logo is selected to be shown, the size of each logo.
wrap string No div The HTML element to use as the wrapper around each rank in the loop.
nothing string No "No users found with this rank" The message to show for ranks that have no users.

CSS Styling

// Wrapper
div.mycred-all-ranks-wrapper { }

// Individual rank wrapper
div.mycred-all-ranks-wrapper div.mycred-rank { }

// Rank title
div.mycred-all-ranks-wrapper div.mycred-rank h2 { }

// Rank logo
div.mycred-all-ranks-wrapper div.mycred-rank h2 img { }


Example 1: Return all users for all ranks and customize the template to create an unorganized list.

[mycred_users_of_all_ranks wrap="ul"]
<li>%rank_logo% %display_name%</li>