This shortcode allows you to show your users their currently pending buyCRED purchases. Pending purchases occur when a user has not selected to cancel a payment or if a payment was unsuccessful. Users can view each transaction, select to cancel it or select to attempt a new payment.

Requires the buyCRED add-on to be enabled.

Available since version 1.5

Shortcode Attributes

Attribute Type Required Default Description
ctype string No mycred_default Point type filter amongst pending payments. Set to empty if you sell multiple point types and want to show all of them in one table. Should not be used if you only sell one point type.
pay_now string No "Pay Now" The label to use for the "Pay Now" action which allows users to attempt to pay for a pending payment that has not yet been completed.
cancel string No "Cancel" The label to use for the "Cancel" action which allows users to delete pending payments.

CSS Styling

// Wrapper always ends with the point type key
div#pending-buycred-payments-mycred_default { }

// The Table
div#pending-buycred-payments-mycred_default table { }


Example 1: Default usage:


Example 2: Show pending payments for a custom point type:

[mycred_buy_pending ctype="customtypekey"]