This custom shortcode allows you to show a progress bar for your users current rank. You can select the colors to use, if the progress bar should be animated and to show the minimum and maximum rank requirement for the users current rank under the progress bar.

Requires the Ranks add-on to be enabled with premium mycred progress bar addon

Available since version 1.8

Shortcode Attributes

Attribute Type Required Default Description
user_id int No - Option to show the rank progress of a particular user instead of the user viewing the shortcode.
title int No 0 Option to insert a rank title above the progress bar.
ctype string No mycred_default The point type to show the rank progress for. Should not be used if you only have one point type installed.
animate int No 1 Select to enable (1) or disable (0) the progress bar animation. Note that if a user has reached 100%, the animation will be disabled.
bgcolor string No - You can use color name as well custom color code e.g #333
show_rank_title int No 1 Option to show (1) or hide (0) the users current rank title inside the progress bar.
show_logo int No 1 Option to show (1) or hide (0) show rank logo.
show_labels int No 0 Option to insert the users rank’s minimum and maximum point requirements under the progress bar. To show use 1 or 0 to hide.
logo_size STRING No post-thumbnail The logo size (if set to be shown). accepts "post-thumbnail" for thumbnail size, "full" for full size.
first STRING No logo Option to show title first (title) or the logo (logo) first.
type STRING No bar bar and radial type of progress you want to show on front end e.g radial,bar.
prefix_min STRING No MIN Prefix for min requirment of rank.
prefix_max STRING No MAX Prefix for max requirment of rank.
rank_id int No - Option to show progress towards a specific rank instead of the users current rank.


Example 1: Default usage: