This shortcode renders the Paymentwall widget you have set to use with the buyCRED add-on. Please note that this shortcode can not be used until your website has been approved by Paymentwall! While your website is pending approved, the shortcode will not work.

Requires the buyCRED add-on to be enabled along with the buyCRED Paymentwall Gateway add-on being installed and enabled.

Available since version 1.0

Shortcode Attributes

Attribute Type Required Default Description
width int No 730 The width (in pixels) of the IFRAME.
height int No 500 The height (in pixels) of the IFRAME.
buyer_id int No - Option to set who gets the points completing offers via this shortcode. Accepts either a user ID or the string "current".
widget_id string No - Option to display a different widget from the one you set in your Payment Gateway settings. Should not be used unless you must use a different widget ID.
type string No mycred_default The point type to payout. Should not be used if you only have one point type installed.

CSS Styling

This shortcode does not return any stylable elements.


Example 1: Default usage:


Example 2: Show a different widget then what we saved in our gateways settings.

[mycred_paymentwall widget_id="ABC123"]