This action indicates the instance where myCRED has finished registering all the wp-admin screens. When you want to add a sub menu page for myCRED, it is recommended that you use this action hook to register your screen. This way, your screen will only be added if myCRED is enabled.

Requires the Cashcred add-on to be enabled.

Available since version 2.0

Shortcode Attributes

Their are 6 attributes are available in the mycred_cashcred shortcode:

Attribute Type Required Default Description
button String No Submit Request Button text
gateways string No - The payment gateways to use allow multiple with comma separated
types string No - Allowed point types allow multiple with comma separated values
excluded string No You have excluded from this point type. Message for excluded users
insufficient string No Insufficient Points for Withdrawal. Message for insufficient balance


Example 1: