By default, the Sell Content add-on sells access to the entire post content field, but this shortcode allows you to sell just parts of the content, leaving the rest available for everyone to see.

The shortcode is wrapped around the content you want to sell in your content field and can not be used to sell access to other post details like custom post fields or the excerpt.

Post authors and administrators will always see the content and will not be able to make a purchase!

Requires the Sell Content add-on to be enabled.

As of version 1.7 this shortcode no longer uses any attributes. It is just marking the beginning and the end of the content that is for sale.

Available since version 1.1

Shortcode Attributes

As of version 1.7 this shortcode no longer has any attributes.

CSS Styling

// The Template Wrapper
div.mycred-content-forsale { }


Example 1: Default usage.

[mycred_sell_this]This part of the page costs the default 10 points to buy.[/mycred_sell_this]