This shortcode allows your users to unsubscribe to any email notifications you have setup that are sent to the user. Notices sent to admins can not be unsubscribed!

Remember that in order for notifications to show up in this list, you must have set the “Label” field for each email notice. If you do not set the label, the shortcode will not show this notice and users will not be able to unsubscribe

Requires the Sell Content add-on to be enabled.

Available since version 1.4.6

Shortcode Attributes

Attribute Type Required Default Description
success string No "Settings Updated" The message to show users when they have successfully updated their subscription settings.

CSS Styling

// The form
form#mycred-email-subscriptions { }

// The table
form#mycred-email-subscriptions table { }

// Unsubscribe Column
form#mycred-email-subscriptions table .check { }

// The notice label Column
form#mycred-email-subscriptions table .notice-title { }


Example 1: Show a custom message when someone views the shortcode without being logged in.

<p>Please login to unsubscribe from email notifications</p>