LifterLMS Courses Hooks

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LifterLMS Courses Hooks

  • myCred Lifter LMS provides the ability to award points on different events (such as; when student completes a course, completes a track, enrolls in a course).
  • Set your desired amount to reward when a User achieves anyone of the above defined scenarios.
  • Limit can be set for awarding the points according to requirements or preferences.

Student Completes a Course

When a student completes a course published in LIFTERLMS they will be awarded the points amounting equal set in the hook for course completion.

Student Completes a Course Track

According to the points defined in the hook, the student will be awarded the points for completing the course track.

Student Enrolls in a Course

If a student is logged in, Points will be awarded when a student enrolls in a course.

Lifter LMS Quizzes Hook

  • As LifterLMS has quizzes integrated in the learning management system, a hook is introduced for quiz related events.
  • Points can be rewarded when a quiz is passed / failed /completed.
  • Featuring of setting a limit for awarding the points on each event as per desire.

Student Passes a Quiz

When the quiz is passed from LIFTERLMS, the plugin automatically detects it and Points will be rewarded.

Student Fails a Quiz

  • Negative points can be set in the Hooks which will deducts the Points if a student get failed in Quiz.
  • If quiz is failed the Points will be deducted from the current point balance.

Student Completes a Quiz

  • Points defined in the Hooks will be rewarded when a student completes a Quiz.