The myCred Store

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The myCred Store


Product Licenses

While most licensing systems restrict the usage of the software when a valid license is missing, myCred plugins will continue to work even if your license expires.

Instead, myCred licenses are used to provide you with support and product updates. If you do not have a valid license or if the license has expired, you will no longer receive updates and can no longer download the product from your account.

Annual Renewal

In order to receive priority support and updates, the product license must be renewed annually. In your wp-admin area, the product will show you the number of days you have left on your license and will warn you once 30 days or less are remaining.

License Setup


Before doing license setup you must install the core myCred plugin.

The below-mentioned steps will help you to figure out how to find the membership License key and premium add-ons that are incorporated in the subscription.

Step 1

  • Visit the myCred website (
  • Log in with your credentials
    • Enter your Email Address and Password
    • Then hit the login button
  • After successfully logging in, click on the profile icon and
  • Go to the Dashboard

Step 2

  • Head over to the My Downloads menu
  • Click on the Membership card
  • Right below the membership card you are able to see plan details, Order id, and license key
  • Copy the License Key by clicking on the “copy to clipboard” icon

Step 3

  • Navigate to your site WordPress Admin Dashboard > myCred 
  • Click on the License menu
  • Enter the license key that you copied earlier from your Membership area.
  • Click the Save button.
  • After saving the license key the green tick mark will appear, which means that your license has been successfully configured.

Step 4

  • Go to Profile > Dashboard > My Downloads
  • Find the Site URL section and
  • Enter the site URL of your website and click on the round check button that appears right after the URL field to save the link.
  • If you want to set up the same license on other sites then click on the “+ Add Site” button and do the same steps that we did earlier.

Step 5

  • Once you’ve successfully added the site URLs then scroll down the premium addon sections.
  • Download as many premium plugins that you want to use on your site by clicking on the Download Plugin button.

Step 6

  • Go to the WordPress Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add new
  • Upload and install the downloaded premium plugin .zip file and check the expiry status.

License Not Found

When you install and activate a myCred premium addon in your wp-admin plugins area, you might see a message saying “License not found”. 


If you have set up your license and set the correct site URL for your license, the wizard will show you how many days you have left on your license in bold text. If on the other hand, it does not show up, make sure you have the correct URL setup for your license.

Example showing the “License not found” message.

myCred License Setup - Walkthrough Guide