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The Bitpay gateway allows your users to buy points using the Bitcoin currency. Bitpay will handle the Bitcoin transaction and the points will be paid out as soon as the transfer is completed. Based on the network activity, this – at times – can take up to 2 hours to complete!


Setup Guide

  1. Go to the myCred > Payment Gateways page in your admin area.
  2. Click on “Bitpay (Bitcoins)” in the list to view your settings.
  3. Select to enable the payment gateway.
  4. Enter your Bitpay API Key.
  5. Enter the thee character currency code you want to use with this gateway.
  6. Change “Item Name” to what you want buyers to see when they pay. You can use the %number% template tag to show the amount of points a user will buy and this field also supports general template tags. Note that this field can not be empty!
  7. Set an exchange rate between your points and the currency you selected. By default this will be 1:1.
  8. Select your Transaction Speed. If High is selected, the user will gain the points as soon as the payment is completed. If you prefer that points are paid first when the amount has been confirmed in your Bitpay account (bitcoin block updated) then select Low.
  9. Select if you want full notifications. Recommended to be set to “Yes”.
  10. Save.
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