Getting Started

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Getting Started:

  1. General Settings (Set up and manage Hooks in Hooks Settings):

From General Settings Admin can set up and manage Hooks settings, Adding Points of Anniversary Hook and set up rewards accordingly.

From General Settings, Anniversary Hook can be managed accordingly:

  • 15 points will be rewarded generally each year.
  • 25 points will be rewarded at the Second Anniversary.
  • 35 points will be rewarded at the Third Anniversary.

We have a user registered from 2018, When user logged in, got points as accordingly:

  • 15 Points for 2019(First Anniversary).
  • 25 Points for 2020.(Second Anniversary).
  • 35 Points for 2021.(Third Anniversary).

Note: If we have created settings for three consecutive years i.e as pictured above, but if user is registered for Four years then user will get three years point accordingly:

  • 15 Points for First Year.
  • 25 Points for Second Year.
  • 35 Points for Third Year.
  • 15 Points for Fourth Year.

15 points are awarded generally each year.